Three Attributes All Great Moving Companies Possess

How do you look through all of the moving companies in Erie, PA and determine the best one for your needs? If you live elsewhere in PA, how do you determine the best company in your local area? It is difficult if you have never used a moving company before, but there are three attributes that you will always find associated with the best companies. If you can find a PA moving company with all of these attributes, you can rest assured you have found a trustworthy service.

1. Open disclosure of Better Business Bureau reports

The BBB allows consumers to place public reports regarding their experiences with specific companies. Consumers often call the BBB when they have a complaint against a company because they want to have the occurrence investigated and they want to alert other consumers about potential wrongdoing on the part of businesses.

When hiring a PA moving company, you can see their track record with other consumers when you pull their BBB report. If there are no negative reports for the company and they have been in business for at least a couple years, you can assume that most consumers have found the service satisfactory. If you find a variety of negative reports, then you can assume that the company is not trustworthy.

2. Detailed online presence

The best moving companies in Eerie, PA and other areas of the state now have detailed information on their websites. This allows you to find out what type of moving services a company offers, what awards they have received, and what makes them stand out when compared with other moving companies in PA.

If you decide to get a quote from a specific PA moving company, you should be able to fill out a quote request or find a phone number on the company’s website. This makes it easy to go from researching a company to gaining more in-depth information directly from a company representative.

3. Diversity in offered services

You want to work with a moving company able to provide all of the moving services you may need once your move gets started. You never know when you will need to store some of your belongings short term, so it is good to find a moving service that specializes in offering storage as well as moving services.

Your ideal PA moving company will have considerable experience in the area, and they will have the open availability to take care of your move at its expected time. The further in advance you can contact a company, the more likely you are to secure a contract with the best services in the area. Leave it to last minute, and you may find that the best companies are booked at the time you need move.


Communicate Your Way to a Successful Office Relocation

office relocationWhen preparing for office relocation, what comes to mind? Many people focus on the long list of physical tasks that must be completed before the move, but that is not the most effective place to start. Communication is what ensures all of those physical tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner, so you must start by establishing lines of communication between all of the following as applicable:

* Departments within your company
* Your office and personnel of the office you are relocating into
* Your office and the moving company

Many of the problems encountered during a corporate relocation are a result of a lapse in communication. For example, imagine one of your employees is charged with the task of measuring the copy room in the new office location in order to determine how much of your office equipment will fit comfortably. You know that you will need to downsize the copy room, but which machines you bring will depend on the exact size of the new room.

Unfortunately, your employee takes the measurements but fails to communicate that information to other employees whom you have put in charge of packing up the copy room. You tell the other staff members that some of the machines will need to be sold because the new copy room is smaller, so they wait to learn those dimensions before moving forward with their packing. Since they never learn the exact size of the new copy room, they never finish packing that room.

When the moving company shows up to complete your office relocation, they move all of the equipment in your copy room to the new location. You walk into your new office and find copy equipment lining the hallway, and now you have the difficult task of determining what to keep and how to arrange it into that room.

To avoid mistakes like this, you have to start organizing your office relocation by opening the lines of communication. Identify trustworthy leaders and put them in charge of communicating with specified groups. These groups should include all employees within your company, personnel at the new office you are moving into, and the moving company handling your relocation.

Have a one-on-one conversation with each of your communication leaders to ensure they understand who they are responsible for communicating with and what they are to communicate with those people about. If your communication leaders assign some communication duties to select members of their groups, make sure they follow-up with those people to ensure messages are moving down the line as expected.

It is often the small things that are not communicated, and those small things can lead to big mistakes and hassles. The example used here involved one person failing to communicate a few simple numbers, but it created a mess that others had to sort out later. This is why it is so important for communication leaders to be assigned.