Moving Less Money on Interstate Moves

Moving to a new location requires moving money, too – out of your pocket and into the coffers of the interstate moving company, among other suppliers of products and services related to interstate moves. Fortunately, you can save money by applying these smart tips although it must be said that there are many things that should not be compromised such as choosing the most reliable interstate moving company despite the fees involved – it’s your stuff at stake, after all.

Book Movers as Early as Possibleless money

Keep in mind that movers will more likely charge a higher rate for contracts within short notice because of the rush nature of the job. But booking early has another benefit – you can negotiate the fees and implement other ways to pinch pennies without compromising on the important matters related to interstate moves.

Off-season Moves

If possible, plan your relocation during the moving company’s off season. Ask the staff about it so that you can plan ahead of schedule; keep in mind that you will not only be moving stuff from your old place to your new place but you must also attend to other matters like finding new schools for the kids.

Flexibility in Time

Movers may also have an off-season time wherein their rates are lower on certain times of the day. Be flexible then about the time the movers will pick up and deliver your stuff from your old place to your new place. Even several dollars in savings can be to your advantage.

Ensure Readiness to Move

Be ready to move the items on the appointed time and day when the movers will come to pick these up. Movers will likely charge extra for delays in the schedule as well as for extra services like disassembling furniture and packing small items in boxes, if these are not included in the original contract.

Ready the New Place

Many movers providing services for interstate moves will charge extra for storage-in-transit services (i.e., warehousing services) – yet another expense to add to your mounting moving bills. But when your new place is ready, then the storage services will be unnecessary and you can skip on the warehouse servicing fee.

Lessen the Load

If you cannot lessen the distance between your old and new place, then lessen the load that the movers will take on. Many movers compute their fees based on weight instead of distance anyway so lessening the load will work to your benefit. Just get rid of unnecessary stuff by holding garage sales, donating items, and giving to family and friends.

Move the Items Yourself

Larger items like boats, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles add to the weight and, hence, the expense of interstate moves. Move these items yourself by renting a trailer, which will be more economical in the long run.

Note: Large furniture and fixtures like pianos, chandeliers and sofa sets are best handled by the movers because of their expertise in this area.

Most important, be sure to discuss any and all additional charges including expedited service charge, long carry charges, and shuttle services that may apply when the move is on-going. The more you know about these charges, the better you can avoid or negotiate for these fees.


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