Getting the Most Out of a Quote for an Office Relocation

Asking for a quote is the right thing to do before making a selection of a moving company to handle an office relocation move. Getting a quote is a fairly simple process. The quote request form is filled out and submitted. Once it is received and reviewed, a free estimate will be sent via email. The process is not all that tough so it should not be difficult.

The problem here is errors and mistakes can be made when filling out and even reviewing the quote form. To help ensure the right rate is quoted on the relocation assistance service, here are a few basic tips to follow.

Online forms can make the process a lot easier. However, do not allow the ease of filling out the form become an excuse for being lax. Take the same attitude with an online form as you would with a hardcopy paper one.

Do not rush through the process of filling out the quote form. While some might want to hurry up and fill the request form out quickly to get the process moving, this can be a mistake. Errors, oversights, and omissions are common among those who rush to complete the form. Take your time and fill the form out carefully before hitting the submit button.

Reread the entries you have typed in the form. Execute a careful proofreading. No matter how deliberate you may have been the first time around, no one is perfect. You may have made a mistake. Sometimes, mistakes lead to getting the wrong estimate or simply receiving a request for clarification. Proofreading can eliminate a number of problems along these lines.

Be aware that even though you may write or submit a questionnaire any time of the day or evening, the request for an estimate is going to be reviewed on a business day. Sometimes, the turnaround may be 24 hours. 48 is possible. Anything longer than that might necessitate sending an email to the office relocation moving company. Just do not be unreasonable in terms of the time frame you request a response.

Once you do receive an estimate, do not give it a mere cursory skimming. You can do this for a quick once over when you read it the first time, but you definitely do want to read it thoroughly. This will be the only way to get the clearest and best understanding of what it says. Skimming just is not going to be enough because you may end up missing important points and details.

If there is anything in the quote you do not understand, send an email or call for clarification. The customer service reps with the service are surely going to want to help you out. You might even be able to try and negotiate on the price. Who knows? If your request is reasonable, it may be accommodated easily and quickly.


Have a Complete Office Moving Checklist

moving checklistBy compiling a detailed list, you can have a smooth and minimally eventful move. A detailed office list will prevent any missed deadlines. An experienced moving company will provide you with the list and guide you through each step.

  • Timing

Your list will include the exact timing for starting each of your moving tasks. It will indicate what date to begin each task in order to complete the move by the desired date.

  • Vendors

As you determine what vendors are necessary to complete your move, you can add them to your office moving checklist. This will include vendors who will install any equipment you will be using. Not every employee knows how to install computers, copy machines and other office equipment. From the main equipment to break room amenities, vendors are a great help.

  • Plan you networking need

Your IT people should be on hand to set up the network in your office. Know when they will be needed and be sure they know when to arrive to work on this vital task. Monitor the network needs during your move to keep your business running smoothly.

  • Next on your office checklist is new furniture.

Plan all of your furniture needs in your new location. By determining your needs and ordering your furniture in time to have it delivered before your opening will give you peace of mind. It will be of utmost importance to get the furniture in its proper location when your mover arrives with the equipment from your old location or from storage. You will be able to determine the best location for all of your furniture and equipment. Your office moving checklist can have all of this information at your fingertips.

  • Your last minute details

Gather the troops for moving day. Each person should be assigned a task. All of the moving boxes are numbered. Assign one person to check off each box as it arrives at the new location. Another person can instruct the movers as to the location for each box. Some companies have electronic forms that state the contents of each box. By consulting the electronic list, the person completing the task can easily instruct the mover as to where it should go. If the list is on paper, it may take a bit more time, but nothing should be left to chance.

  • Wrap it up and begin the time in your new location.

If you have prepared a complete office moving checklist with the help of your PA moving company, you can start your day with a clear mind. Work will begin as usual. There is rarely a time when there is not a hiccup or two, but many can be avoided if you take the advice of your commercial movers. They have the experience and the can guide you step by step on this lengthy and arduous task.

Compiling your Business and Office Checklist

Office Checklist

There are a few steps in preparing your variety of checklists before the move is initiated. Working with an experienced commercial moving company can make this step a lot easier. This will be the initial checklist for the company. From this you will create additional ones for office relocation, task assignments and other steps that will make your move less stressful and less expensive.

  • Begin by getting quotes from moving companies. Take advantage of any references that you can gather or they can provide. The least expensive can cost more if they do not have the experience with corporate relocation moving. Book the moving company of your choice.

  • Set up your moving schedule and time-frame.

  • You should have a plan that communicates with all pertinent parties, including suppliers and customers about your pending move.

  • List all of your tasks. Once your task list is developed, assign the tasks to appropriate individuals.

  • If your move is a large corporate relocation, you should form a moving committee. Put them in charge of organizing the move and keeping everything on track.

  • Keep all of your employees involved. Regardless of the level of employee, your move will involve all of them in one way or another. They need to know if they need to pack and unpack their own space. Perhaps this will require a little extra time. The time will be well spent and the rewards will follow as the move progressive. Your employee office is their space in your corporation and they need to do as much as possible to ease the office relocation. Knowing what the new office will look like will help with this process. It will allow them to determine what goes and what stays. It can be something as simple as a plant, but it may be important to them. It will also allow them to lay out a floor plan and determine where equipment will be installed.

  • All of your service providers need to be notified of your move. This includes the providers at your present location and your new location. Allow at least two weeks from your move-in date for the new providers if necessary. Some utilities need as long as two weeks to disconnect or connect your service. It is advisable to schedule the power and other utilities to be turned on one day before your arrival.

  • Current service providers include telephones, fax, water, internet, postal service, couriers, and power.

  • If you have a great deal of high-tech equipment that needs to be moved and installed, be sure you have that arranged to be functional by your move-in date. This includes copiers, special phone services, computer networking. Your IT person needs to be efficient and prompt to shorten your downtime.

Save Money on Hiring a Moving Company

You may be interested in hiring a PA moving company, but you have to stay within a given budget. Getting the services you need for home or office relocation is very important. You want to make sure you get the help you need but you don’t want a huge bill for it.

pa moving company

Obtain Free Estimates

Before you hire a company to help you move, shop around. Take the time to compare what they will charge you to complete what you need to have done. Before you set up free estimates, decide what you would like for them to do for you. Then you can get itemized statements that tell you what they will do for you and what they will charge for it.

Look for Discount Codes

There could be some discount codes or coupons available for the services you need. It is certainly worth looking around to see what is out there. Saving even 5% on your moving costs can add up. You can also find out about referral discounts. If you tell the company that someone referred you, then they may give you a discount of a percentage of a certain dollar amount.

Payment in Full

Many moving companies allow you to pay a down payment and then the remainder when your services are completed. Sometimes, they will offer additional discounts if you pay the balance in full at the time you book their services. This can help a company with cash flow which is their incentive for offering such perks.

Reduce the Volume of Services

If you are hard pressed to make the moving costs less expensive, consider reducing the volume of the services that they offer for you. For example, it is going to cost you more to hire them to pack and to load your items for you. If you pack everything on your own and the moving company just comes to pick it up, then it will cost you less.

Insurance and other factors can also be other areas where you can reduce the costs. For example, you may decide to only get the minimum insurance coverage on the items they handle for you instead of a more expensive option. Just make sure the coverage you get is adequate for your items should there be any problems.

Don’t Cut Quality to Save Money

You never want to reduce the quality of the services you get from a moving company to save money. Always carefully evaluate the company to make sure they are offering you a very good deal for the money. Explore the reputation of the company to ensure they have done a wonderful job for other people.


Don’t assume that moving costs are going to be too much if you hire a company to help you. By exploring your options, you will be able to get a very good deal. Have a solid idea of the services you must have. Separate the needs from the wants in that department to help you slash unnecessary expenses relating to moving.

Tips for Creating an Office Moving Checklist

office moving checklistCreating an office moving checklist can help you to stay organized and on top of things. It doesn’t have to be hard to get things done, and you want as many people involved in the move to have a say in finalizing the checklist.


If you want to reduce the risk of in house chaos and resistance to change, make sure you explain the reason for the move. You need to reduce the fears and anxiety of the staff from the start. They need to view the move as a positive part of their job. They may be worried about staying on top of their tasks and moving. The more they know and the sooner they know, the more relaxed they will feel about it.

Put it all in Writing

Don’t assume that people will know what they need to do. Moving for a business is very different from moving for a household. Put into writing what you would like people to do and when they need to have it done. For example, let them know what they should pack up such as their personal belongings and files.

Let them know how to label the boxes and to inventory what they pack. Provide them with the boxes and the other items they need to do this successfully. If work time isn’t enough for them to get it all done, consider paying over time for them to come in on a weekend and do it. Provide them with pay for their time and even toss in lunch.

Items that will be packed for them such as office furniture and computers should be in writing too so that they leave those items as is. The professional movers can take care of those items and get them secured for the move.

Time Frames

In any office setting, you will have those individuals that are highly organized and you will also have those that always procrastinate. By making a checklist of what each person needs to do as well as when it has to be done by, you can get them all on the same page. You don’t want some employees packing too early and then they don’t have access to what they need. Yet you also don’t want others dumping everything chaotically into boxes on the day of the move.

The Right Moving Company

Take your time to carefully select the right moving company for your needs. Some of them specialize in large business moves and others are ideal for a smaller business. You need to know that you can count on them to get your items packed up, securely relocated, and that you can get your business open in the new location on time.


When it comes to office relocation, it doesn’t have to be difficult or chaotic. With that checklist in place, you can stay on track and make sure everyone is well aware of what they need to do in order to get the move completed without delays or complications.

Finding a good office relocation moving company

Many business companies that are operating from a particular place for long might feel the need to relocate to another place. The reason behind this is the popular adage “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Whatever be the reason, we humans are gregarious by nature and feel the need to move to another place in search of better life or better earnings. When we stay in a place for too long, there is a propensity to stagnate and become complacent owing to monotony in our day to day activities. Complacency can be a dangerous ingredient in any business and can call halt to innovation and growth. According to a study made by US Census Bureau, about 40 million American relocate in a year and the US Postal Service handles not less than 38 million change-of-address applications every year!

Almost every entrepreneur, at least once in a life time if not more, will contemplate relocating to another place to take the business further. Market and economic analysts cite five main reasons behind major business relocation. They are, work and labor force problems, the keenness to reach new buyers, necessity to upgrade existing facilities and equipment, to reduce costs and improve revenue and lastly, a search for better quality of life. Depending upon the business conducted, some considerations could be more important than the rest. However, any office relocation will happen on account of one or more of the reasons mentioned above. Unable to combat escalating urban costs, some companies choose to migrate to low-cost regions and yet stay close to target customers.

Though a move is always for the better, there are many things that can also go wrong during a move. You can always take some calculated risks but there are some more that you are unprepared for. Such risks arise due to cutting costs at every level and acting in haste without proper plan. Here is where a professional and reputed moving company comes into play that can offer all kinds of corporate relocation assistance you need. Hence, it is crucial to identify the right office relocation moving company so that you are spared of all the worries and critical aspects that accompany office relocation task.

Like in most other searches, here too you will need to gather information from other known business companies that have relocated in the recent past. The feedback you collect will prove immensely useful in locating the right movers. From your end, you may go online and look for various moving companies that operate in your area and shortlist the ones that best suit your needs. Collect quotes from the shortlisted companies and finalize the one that assures a good package deal and enjoys good reputation in the market. Not all costly ones are good and not all inexpensive ones are bad. Once you entrust the entire task of office relocation – planning and execution – to a good company, your job of moving is as good as done!

Your friend during your move – PA moving company

Most of us, who have had to move from one place to another during some time in our lives, will surely agree that move of any kind can be really stressful. More so if you are moving with your family, in which case you will have to move lock, stock and barrel. If you are planning office relocation, it calls for more responsibility and accountability at every stage of your move. Whatever be the case, it is a universal truth that any move, whether it is local or otherwise, calls for proper planning and execution.

PA moving company

Many consider the prospect of using their own vehicles to transport their personal belongings as a cost saving measure. That’s fine if you do not have too many things to carry with you or if your relocation destination is not too far from your present place, in which case making more trips than one may not be difficult. However, using your own vehicle for transporting your personal effects has its downside also. Your vehicle may be subjected to lot of wear and tear and driving on your own can worsen your stress levels and tell on your health. In such a scenario, hiring the services of a reputable moving company like PA moving company can solve so many problems related with your moving.

Once you decide to hire the services of moving company, the next question will be how to choose the best moving company. A little effort on your part can save a lot of time, effort and unnecessary expenditure too, though cost may not be the main issue when other important aspects like quality of service, reliability and punctuality and courteous behavior need to be looked at first. Hence, prudence lies in looking for the best possible company that fits your budget. Locating a good company becomes simpler when you consult your friends and relatives, whose valuable feedback will prevent you from trying unscrupulous companies with dubious track records. A company with untainted record like PA moving company should, therefore, bring a lot of relief to you.

While hiring a reputable moving company, please bear in mind that your chosen company does not extend a quote even before seeing your belongings. There are some companies that charge for their services by the hour no matter how many things you are transporting, in which case you may not have any option. Most moving companies follow the practice of sending a company representative to take stock of your things before offering an estimate. A good company believes in having a proper discussion about every little detail with the customer without leaving any scope for any doubt before finalizing the service and arriving at a mutually acceptable rate. Also, please make sure that the company you deal with completes all the paper work and the driver appointed for the job holds an authorized license to carry out the task. PA moving company believes in putting customer satisfaction above everything else!

Points to Discuss With A Corporate Relocation Moving Company

Before allowing the corporate relocation moving company to perform a walkthrough inspection of your offices, you should discuss the following points with its staff. Think of it as conducting a job interview wherein you will determine the suitability of a certain PA moving company for the job at hand.

Registration and Licenses

Depending on the coverage area of the moving company, it may or may not have a registration number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This number is known as the United States Department of Transportation number (USDOT number).

You should also check the vehicle registrations and drivers’ licenses of the moving company just to be on the safe side. You may come off as too nosy but keep in mind that your personal belongings will be in the custody of the staff and in the moving trucks, thus, your vigilance about these legal matters.

Rates and Estimates

Ask about the rates and estimates of the corporate relocation moving companies, too, for obvious reasons. You should be able to make an informed decision based on the rates and estimates provided obviously in a bid to get the most value for your money.

Tips: The best PA moving company will provide rates and estimates based on a rate per pound, a rate per kilometer, and/or a rate per hour. Usually, for long distances, the rate will be based on weight per pound; for short distances, the rate will be based on hours travelled. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that company policies will differ.

Beware: If a corporate relocation moving company provides a rate based on cubic feet, you are more likely being scammed.


Ask the company about their subcontractors, if any. This is often the case with regional and national movers wherein local subcontractors are hired to expedite the process.

This is all well and good, of course, especially when the relocation company has a reputation for satisfactory service in your area. But it still pays to check the qualifications of the subcontractors and to talk to them about your requirements for the relocation, if possible.

Ask the moving company, too, for a list of subcontractors who will on the job in your relocation project. Said list must be readily available; if the corporate relocation moving company seems reluctant to give the list, the warning bells in your head should be ringing by now but you should also consider valid reasons.

Additional Fees

You should also discuss the circumstances under which additional fees apply and get these circumstances in writing. You want to avoid unpleasant surprises especially when it applies to money; a budget must be followed, after all.

Moving companies usually ask for additional fees for awkward items, hand-carried loads, and remote areas, among others. Again, ask for an itemized list of the possibilities. Better yet, you should have thorough discussions about the conditions of the move (i.e., distance, stairs, and types of objects for transport) so that the moving company can provide a more detailed job estimate.

Of course, you should also ask the corporate relocation moving company about its storage facilities, its customer service channels, and its complaints policy. You can never be too careful when it comes to corporate relocations!

Office Relocation and Its Impact on Employees

The office relocation project affects not just the customers but the employees as well – perhaps even more so considering that the employees will have to change their routes to and from the office. The employees must then be taken into consideration before, during and after the move by getting them actively involved in the project. The management may even have to provide relocation assistance to certain employees, thus, increasing the planning considerations and costs for the corporate relocation.

Here are a few useful tips in making the employees involved in the relocation project and, thus, lessening negative feelings about it. Keep in mind that an office is only as good as its employees.

Getting the Employees Involved

Keep in mind, too, that the moving company will only be involved in the actual relocation – packing the items, moving these into the trucks, and transporting these to the new offices. The employees are required to perform most of the activities associated with the relocation and, thus, making them actively involved in the project. The trick is in motivating the employees to wholeheartedly do their part in the office relocation project.

• Assign a team leader and his team members as the corporate relocation team. This is a better option that hiring a third-party consultant for the job – less moving costs with more employee involvement, too.

• Ask the employees for their suggestions and recommendations about the new offices. The more active involvement the employees have in the decision-making process of the relocation, the more likely they will support the move. Their suggestions can come in form of how the new office can be set up for effectiveness and efficiency, for employee and customer comfort, and for a satisfactory overall working environment.

• Keep in mind that the office relocation project can change the route of many of your employees. Ask them for ideas on cost-efficient relocation assistance especially for staff members that the office cannot let go of.

Keeping the Communication Lines Open

Communication is the key to keeping the employees in the loop while also keeping hearsay to a minimum. Hearsay can affect the morale of employees, not to mention derail the relocation plan so it is best to keep it to a minimum by keeping the employees informed about its progress.

• As soon as the office relocation plan is in place, the employees must be informed about the location of the new premises, the relocation team directly involved in the process, and the roles and responsibilities expected of them, among others. Said information is best relayed during a formal meeting with regular memos and meetings also scheduled for updates.

• The employees may be provided with feedback forms where they are allowed to express their concerns either with their names attached or anonymously. The relocation team can then consider the feedback when evaluating the original plan.

Most important, the employees should ideally be informed about the benefits of the office relocation project especially in its impact on profitability and, thus, on their jobs. Many of the employees will be affected by the change in premises mainly because of the commute, which may affect their living arrangements, and of the available parking spaces in the new office.

Kids Need Relocation Assistance, Too!

Kids are often the most affected by their parents’ decision to relocate and, thus, should be the top priority for relocation assistance in both the physical and psychological aspects. Said assistance can come from both the parents and the professionals of the PA moving company although it must be said that the latter will mostly provide the physical aspect for obvious reasons.

Parents, here are a few ways to ease the transition for your kids.

Carry On with the Normal Routines

Even when every member of the household is involved in packing the items for moving and storing purposes, parents are well-advised to carry on with the normal routines as much as possible. The kids even the teenagers already have too many things to deal with – packing their things, saying goodbye to friends, and attending to their school activities, for example – without the adults adding to their burdens.

You may also want to consider relocation assistance for kids in the form of psychological counseling. This is true for children with a strong sense of attachment who will understandably be more upset at the relocation.

Keep Communication Open

Kids should also have a say, so to speak, on the relocation plans. Let them express their issues, concerns and feelings about the relocation, which will be valuable in making a smoother transition from the old to the new place. Family meetings and conversations at the dinner table and at bedtime are the best venues for such purpose.

When discussing the relocation plans with your kids, be sure to use age-appropriate explanations while also being honest about the reasons for your decision. You will be surprised at the types of relocation assistance that kids can also extend to adults; think of them actually taking an inventory of their material possessions; deciding the items for packing, for storage and for donations; and moving their own small boxes, among others.

Assign Age-appropriate Responsibilities

To let kids in on the action of relocation, you can also assign age-appropriate responsibilities. For example, the teenagers can pack their own bedrooms while the pre-teens can look after their younger siblings while the parents are packing the items in the rest of the house.

Such assignments will make the relocation as a family project, not just an adult project. The kids will then feel part of the activities instead of being left out, not to mention that this is a good training ground for their adulthood.

Provide Assistance to Kids

Kids are just kids, thus, their packing skills are not exactly in the league of adults with experience in the matter. Actual relocation assistance is then essential especially when the kids are packing their personal belongings in their bedrooms.

Your assistance can include providing guidance on what should be kept and what should be donated; showing the kids how to pack certain items like clothes, toys and other personal effects; and giving them the right supplies for the job. You should also praise your kids for a job well done.

With the kids ready for moving, thanks to your physical and psychological relocation assistance, the PA moving company hired for the job will then have an easier time at it.