Breaking the News about Interstate Moving

icon-newsSome of the challenges associated with interstate moving are going to be interpersonal. If you are a leader in your company and you have to break the news to your employees about upcoming office relocation, you may be unprepared for how some of your employees will react when they hear the news. Some employees may have to move now themselves, which is never an easy decision for any employee to make. There is still a job shortage, and many employees today will be willing to move to a new location in order to keep their jobs. However, it’s possible they will be all the more frustrated with having to make that decision as a result of their external circumstances. Some employees will have to commute to the new office location, which few people will enjoy. People that chose their jobs specifically because a given location was convenient for them may find themselves in a particularly difficult position.

Other employees may decide to leave the company altogether in response to the corporate relocation. Managers should prepare for that sort of thing and try to break the news of the move as gently as possible. They should also prepare for the fact that some employees may have to give notice as a result of the move. Managers should partly prepare for an upcoming move by preparing to hire new people in their new locations. Managers should also do other things around the office to try to boost morale. Employees will be able to adjust to the new location much more easily if they feel that upper management understands their predicament and is willing to make the transition easier for them.

Some employees may be frustrated about having to take additional time out of their days in order to help the company complete their office relocation projects. Offering rewards and incentives to those people can go a long way towards boosting morale throughout the company. It is possible that the move itself may have some other benefits connected to it. If managers are able to provide any evidence that employees will benefit financially from the move, they will be able to make the entire process run far more smoothly for everyone involved. An office move and relocation is going to have an influence on everyone’s working lives and home lives in one way or another.


Hire an Experienced Mover for Your Corporate Relocation

A corporate relocation can be a tiring process that is frustrating and very disruptive for everyone involved. It doesn’t matter if the move is across the street or across town. It is a process that will get the best of everyone in the company, if it is not properly planned, organized and coordinated.

Hiring a moving company is a must. However, make sure that you invest in one that has a lot of experience with moving corporate offices because it is not the same as moving a household. A corporate move is more involved due to the enormous volume of the overall project. There are numerous employees to move as opposed to a limited amount of family members. Also, there is a much larger quantity of assets that need to be unassembled, packed up, moved and then reassembled again. As a result, choose thoroughly trained corporate movers.

Before settling upon a moving company, get plenty of quotes. Don’t fall for the first cheap quote received. A cheap price might not include many of the services that the company needs. Also, this might indicate that the company does not show attention to detail and takes shortcuts. Do you really want to trust the company’s assets with this kind of company? Opt for a moving company that knows how to successfully relocate corporate offices according to the agreed upon schedule and affordable cost.

The goal is to get the most moving services for the most affordable price. Corporate offices have a combination of both fragile and heavy items. They include things such as filing cabinets, copiers, desks, chairs, office accessories and warehouse machinery. In addition to the larger items, offices have confidential documents that must be secured and kept away from prying eyes. A good moving company will know how to transport such items in a professional and efficient manner.

Expect to sit down with a representative from your chosen company. He will map out a plan of attack for moving day. Before the actual movers arrive, employees will pack up items in their workspace and label belongings. Then on moving day, the moving company will box up and secure items for shipping. For larger items, they’ll be properly wrapped and loaded onto the trucks. Once company assets reach the new office location, there’ll be a second crew of movers that will offload and assemble them to your satisfaction.

In conclusion, moving day for a corporation can be a long and tiring day, if it is not handled properly. The key is to hire a moving company that is trained in corporate relocation. J.H. Bennett Moving & Storage is a Pennsylvania moving company that has a wonderful reputation for providing affordable and stress free company relocation. J.H. Bennett will work with your company from beginning to end to make sure the company is successfully moved.

Smart Packing Tips for an Office Relocation

There are times when the company moving day can turn into a complete nightmare. There is nothing worse than opening up a box at the new office location and finding damaged merchandise. This is especially the case if the damaged merchandise is a huge piece of company equipment such as a copy machine or computer. Even if it is a smaller item such as a computer keyboard or desktop tray, it can still be pretty upsetting.

tips iconHowever, this can be avoided if employees acknowledge a few tips about packing. It will ensure that the move is completed without any major problems. Another option is to hire professional movers like J. H. Bennett Moving and Storage who are experienced in packing boxes and containers so that nothing gets damaged during transit. They know how to pack fragile items as well as sturdy warehouse equipment.

Once everything is packed, the professional movers will load everything up and transport it to the new office location. However, if this packing service is not in the budget, then it is imperative that employees know how to pack up the items that they use in their personal workspace.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep everything together. If you work in a large company, there will be a large number of employees who are doing the same thing that you are. When packing your boxes, make sure that they are labelled properly with your identifying information such as your name, office number and department. Also remember to number the boxes so that they will remain together, and if they are separated, the movers will know where to place them at the new office location.

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack up the items in your personal workspace. Be smart and pack up a few boxes at a time. Start with the items that you have not used in months, but they are still in your workspace. These could be things such as department binders or boxed up documents. Do not box up the supplies that you use on a regular basis until the last day before the big move. As a matter of fact, mark this box with a special tag so that you can easily recognize and access it at the new office location.

In conclusion, an office relocation can be overwhelming, but it can go smoother if things are packed properly. To avoid the risk of company assets being damaged, it is best to hire a professional mover or learn how to correctly pack for moving day. Hopefully, these tips can help.

Is there an Employee Relocation Service?

employee relocationCorporate relocation moving will require employee relocation service. These services need to be provided for the business owner, management and any of the employees that will be going with you. There is a need for realty services at both ends of the move. Whether it is a long distance move PA or a local move PA, employees will need help to make your corporate relocation a successful endeavor.

At the business owner or high management employee, you will have to guide your office through the move as well as your home. Make lists. Assign tasks. Follow some of these steps.

  • Get your team of workers assigned to various tasks
  • One person should be in charge of the team
  • Give them the responsibility of choosing what will be moved from your office to the new destination
  • They should make lists of equipment that is going as well as equipment that will be left behind
  • Your team leader should make arrangements with the power company to discontinue service at the old location and begin service at the new location
  • The team leader will have to notify the post office of the change of address

You will be responsible for assisting your employees have a smooth move. An employee relocation service is vital. That service may be you or someone you designate. As part of the employee relocation service, they will have to be aware of housing is available at your destination.

It would be beneficial if they also spoke with the moving company and got all of their needs coordinated with those of the office. The more help available to them, the less complicated the move will be for you. It is important to consult with your moving company and ask for suggestions as far as consolidating the moves.

There will be a lot of lists being formed. Your employee relocation service will require as many as your corporate relocation moving. Single, married, children or not, moving is a task that is easier when you have the right advice and the right Pennsylvania moving company.

Finding a good office relocation moving company

Many business companies that are operating from a particular place for long might feel the need to relocate to another place. The reason behind this is the popular adage “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Whatever be the reason, we humans are gregarious by nature and feel the need to move to another place in search of better life or better earnings. When we stay in a place for too long, there is a propensity to stagnate and become complacent owing to monotony in our day to day activities. Complacency can be a dangerous ingredient in any business and can call halt to innovation and growth. According to a study made by US Census Bureau, about 40 million American relocate in a year and the US Postal Service handles not less than 38 million change-of-address applications every year!

Almost every entrepreneur, at least once in a life time if not more, will contemplate relocating to another place to take the business further. Market and economic analysts cite five main reasons behind major business relocation. They are, work and labor force problems, the keenness to reach new buyers, necessity to upgrade existing facilities and equipment, to reduce costs and improve revenue and lastly, a search for better quality of life. Depending upon the business conducted, some considerations could be more important than the rest. However, any office relocation will happen on account of one or more of the reasons mentioned above. Unable to combat escalating urban costs, some companies choose to migrate to low-cost regions and yet stay close to target customers.

Though a move is always for the better, there are many things that can also go wrong during a move. You can always take some calculated risks but there are some more that you are unprepared for. Such risks arise due to cutting costs at every level and acting in haste without proper plan. Here is where a professional and reputed moving company comes into play that can offer all kinds of corporate relocation assistance you need. Hence, it is crucial to identify the right office relocation moving company so that you are spared of all the worries and critical aspects that accompany office relocation task.

Like in most other searches, here too you will need to gather information from other known business companies that have relocated in the recent past. The feedback you collect will prove immensely useful in locating the right movers. From your end, you may go online and look for various moving companies that operate in your area and shortlist the ones that best suit your needs. Collect quotes from the shortlisted companies and finalize the one that assures a good package deal and enjoys good reputation in the market. Not all costly ones are good and not all inexpensive ones are bad. Once you entrust the entire task of office relocation – planning and execution – to a good company, your job of moving is as good as done!

Points to Discuss With A Corporate Relocation Moving Company

Before allowing the corporate relocation moving company to perform a walkthrough inspection of your offices, you should discuss the following points with its staff. Think of it as conducting a job interview wherein you will determine the suitability of a certain PA moving company for the job at hand.

Registration and Licenses

Depending on the coverage area of the moving company, it may or may not have a registration number issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This number is known as the United States Department of Transportation number (USDOT number).

You should also check the vehicle registrations and drivers’ licenses of the moving company just to be on the safe side. You may come off as too nosy but keep in mind that your personal belongings will be in the custody of the staff and in the moving trucks, thus, your vigilance about these legal matters.

Rates and Estimates

Ask about the rates and estimates of the corporate relocation moving companies, too, for obvious reasons. You should be able to make an informed decision based on the rates and estimates provided obviously in a bid to get the most value for your money.

Tips: The best PA moving company will provide rates and estimates based on a rate per pound, a rate per kilometer, and/or a rate per hour. Usually, for long distances, the rate will be based on weight per pound; for short distances, the rate will be based on hours travelled. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that company policies will differ.

Beware: If a corporate relocation moving company provides a rate based on cubic feet, you are more likely being scammed.


Ask the company about their subcontractors, if any. This is often the case with regional and national movers wherein local subcontractors are hired to expedite the process.

This is all well and good, of course, especially when the relocation company has a reputation for satisfactory service in your area. But it still pays to check the qualifications of the subcontractors and to talk to them about your requirements for the relocation, if possible.

Ask the moving company, too, for a list of subcontractors who will on the job in your relocation project. Said list must be readily available; if the corporate relocation moving company seems reluctant to give the list, the warning bells in your head should be ringing by now but you should also consider valid reasons.

Additional Fees

You should also discuss the circumstances under which additional fees apply and get these circumstances in writing. You want to avoid unpleasant surprises especially when it applies to money; a budget must be followed, after all.

Moving companies usually ask for additional fees for awkward items, hand-carried loads, and remote areas, among others. Again, ask for an itemized list of the possibilities. Better yet, you should have thorough discussions about the conditions of the move (i.e., distance, stairs, and types of objects for transport) so that the moving company can provide a more detailed job estimate.

Of course, you should also ask the corporate relocation moving company about its storage facilities, its customer service channels, and its complaints policy. You can never be too careful when it comes to corporate relocations!

Office Relocation and Its Impact on Employees

The office relocation project affects not just the customers but the employees as well – perhaps even more so considering that the employees will have to change their routes to and from the office. The employees must then be taken into consideration before, during and after the move by getting them actively involved in the project. The management may even have to provide relocation assistance to certain employees, thus, increasing the planning considerations and costs for the corporate relocation.

Here are a few useful tips in making the employees involved in the relocation project and, thus, lessening negative feelings about it. Keep in mind that an office is only as good as its employees.

Getting the Employees Involved

Keep in mind, too, that the moving company will only be involved in the actual relocation – packing the items, moving these into the trucks, and transporting these to the new offices. The employees are required to perform most of the activities associated with the relocation and, thus, making them actively involved in the project. The trick is in motivating the employees to wholeheartedly do their part in the office relocation project.

• Assign a team leader and his team members as the corporate relocation team. This is a better option that hiring a third-party consultant for the job – less moving costs with more employee involvement, too.

• Ask the employees for their suggestions and recommendations about the new offices. The more active involvement the employees have in the decision-making process of the relocation, the more likely they will support the move. Their suggestions can come in form of how the new office can be set up for effectiveness and efficiency, for employee and customer comfort, and for a satisfactory overall working environment.

• Keep in mind that the office relocation project can change the route of many of your employees. Ask them for ideas on cost-efficient relocation assistance especially for staff members that the office cannot let go of.

Keeping the Communication Lines Open

Communication is the key to keeping the employees in the loop while also keeping hearsay to a minimum. Hearsay can affect the morale of employees, not to mention derail the relocation plan so it is best to keep it to a minimum by keeping the employees informed about its progress.

• As soon as the office relocation plan is in place, the employees must be informed about the location of the new premises, the relocation team directly involved in the process, and the roles and responsibilities expected of them, among others. Said information is best relayed during a formal meeting with regular memos and meetings also scheduled for updates.

• The employees may be provided with feedback forms where they are allowed to express their concerns either with their names attached or anonymously. The relocation team can then consider the feedback when evaluating the original plan.

Most important, the employees should ideally be informed about the benefits of the office relocation project especially in its impact on profitability and, thus, on their jobs. Many of the employees will be affected by the change in premises mainly because of the commute, which may affect their living arrangements, and of the available parking spaces in the new office.